Monday, September 20, 2010

Dot Array Clocks!

The Dot Array Clocks are available in multiple color combinations. Due to the vast number of color combinations available I decided to post a sampling that represents our color pallet. Choose from what you see or build your own based on the colors you see.

Frames-black painted, clear lacquer.

CNC Aluminum Faces-Mirror Black, Olive Drab, Rallywheel Gray, Rat Rod Rust, Lime, Cream, Ford Blue, and Wagon Red.

Clock Face Styles-solid (dots/face solid color), brushed (brushed Alum./colored dots), 2 tone (solid face/alum dots)

Wood Faces-clear lacquer or painted black.

Clock Hands-blue, orange, beige, black, red

The Clocks are $45 plus tax and S/H. Please email us with a description of what you want and we will send you a rendered image of what your color choices and combinations look like on the clock, as well as paypal ordering info. Allow about 2-3 weeks for delivery. Feel free to email with any questions!

Some of our favorites

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